CNBC Producer Arrested for Placing Spy-Cam in Bathroom - Spying on Young Nannys!

A CNBC director has been accused of peeping on his teenage au pair with a spy-cam in a bathroom of his Westchester home.

The CNBC producer hid a camera inside a tissue box in his home in Pleasantville, according to authorities.

On Nov. 13, his 18-year-old live-in nanny invited two of her friends, also 18, over to the house and one of the girls discovered the camera in the bathroom, sources said.

The horrified teens took the camera to Pleasantville police that night and cops found incriminating images on its memory card.

Spy-cams can be hidden in outlets, shampoo bottles, smoke detectors, alarm clocks, towel hangers, USB chargers, bathroom mirrors and many more devices.

WHAT TO DO: Using a flashlight, turn off all the lights in the bathroom and then the bedroom. Shine the light slowly around the room and look for a reflection. The lens will reflect the light if a spy-cam is present. Do this slowly. There are also commercial devices available, but they can run from hundreds of dollars into the thousands.


Steve Kardian