The Jane Jitsu method of self defense is the quickest and most efficient self defense method in the world. Through Jane Jitsu, a woman can be ready to defend herself against an attacker in as little as two days


Core Certification

You must be certified in this course before you can be certified in any other courses offered by Jane Jitsu.

This is the two-day, basic instructor certification course for Jane Jitsu. Day one of this course deals mainly with stranger situations and day two of this course deals mainly with acquaintance situations. The techniques learned on both of these days can be applied to any and all situations that women may encounter.  

Defense Against Weapons

This is a one day, advanced certification focused on weapons. Based upon the previous two days, we introduce a variety of weapons to many of the positions taught in the Core Certification to stop bludgeoning, stabbing, strangling, and/or shooting. 

Weapons For Women

This certification includes:

  • Training in the use of improvised weapons that you will find in your environment that can be used to defend yourself when conventional weapons are not available or not practical, such as when on an airplane or in a location where you may have to pass through a metal detector.
  • Training in the use of certain conventional weapons
  • Training in the use of pepper spray

Reduce The Odds

This certification is focused on prevention and risk reduction. Through lecture, videos, and discussion, instructors will learn about:

  • victimology
  • the victim selection process
  • the predator mindset
  • the secondary crime scene
  • date rape drugs
  • tactics
  • strategies and more