Steve Kardian

Steve has helped millions of people prevent violence against women through education, empowerment, and by teaching women to defend themselves through the Jane Jitsu system of self defense.



Steve Kardian providing women's safety and self-defense advice to Governor Mike Huckabee and Bethenny Frankel on Fox News.

Before devoting his work full time to Jane Jitsu, Steve served first as a Detective, then a Sergeant with the Mount Pleasant Police Department in Westchester County, NY.

Steve has been interviewed by numerous media outlets regarding his expertise, and has just published his first book, The New Superpower for Women, now available on Amazon. 

Steve has also been a Senior Defensive Tactics Instructor at the Westchester County Police Academy, as well as a speaker for CAMPUSPEAK.

Steve, right, with his lead instructor, Carol Ann Williams.

Steve, right, with his lead instructor, Carol Ann Williams.

Steve is the founder of Jane Jitsu, and one of the nation’s go-to experts on women’s safety, crime prevention and risk reduction. He is often called upon by the national media to offer interpretations and solutions for many of the nation’s high profile cases, including Inside Edition for whom he is a safety and security expert. He has taught the Jane Jitsu method since 1998, and has made it his mission to eradicate violence against women.

In this video, Steve demonstrates how to respond quickly and effectively when a predator invades your personal space.

In addition to being a law enforcement consultant, Steve is one of a small group of Americans to hold the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, a black belt in Kyokshun Karate and is a Muay Thai coach.

Steve is also an Associate Instructor under World Shootfighting champion and MMA/UFC trainer Erik Paulson.

Steve is married, lives in Westchester County, NY and has three children.

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