Do I need any experience to become an instructor?

No experience is required. We attract activists and the civic-minded looking to bring the program to their community, church, High School, college or business. We also draw professional martial artists seeking to bring a bonafide women's safety and self-defense program to their academy or Dojo. 

Will I be certified to teach the program?

Yes, after you complete the initial two-day certification program you will be certified as a Jane Jitsu Instructor, however, look upon this as the beginning of your education as a Women's Empowerment Instructor.

Is this a martial arts or Karate program? 

No! Jane Jitsu is a women's specific self-defense program created using survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, kidnapping and other crimes against women. The techniques are reality-based and place students in common scenarios experienced during the attacks cited above. Your stun and run modified Karate programs do not work in the real world against a male attacker.

Can I get certified online? 

The initial certification is not offered online. It would be a disservice and provide a false sense of security. Attention to detail and problem solving are a big part of the program as is dealing with the female dynamic and survivor.

How do I get started? 

The first thing you do is fill out our online application form here. After, a Jane Jitsu representative will set up a brief phone interview. If you are accepted, a link for you to reserve your spot for one of our courses will be emailed to you. Our courses hold 10 new instructor slots per certification. Once your registration forms and tuition are received your slot will be reserved. 

How much is the course? 

Our initial instructor certification is $800 per student.

The price for our instructors getting recertified within two years of their certification expiration date is $350 per student. After the two year grace period, the cost to be recertified as an instructor goes back to full price.

Will I learn only self-defense techniques?

At Jane Jitsu, we acknowledge that self-defense, however necessary, is the last resort in your frontier for safety. During our courses, we teach more than just the moves required to escape. We teach the mindset you need to identify predators to avoid them.

How long will my instructor cerification be valid for?

All of our instructor certifications are valid for two years. After two years, we require our instructors to get re-certified to maintain their knowledge and to learn any new units we may have added within that two year period.