Our Instructors

Our certified instructors are very discerning people. They did their homework and discovered that our method is the best. That said, not everyone wants to become a Jane Jitsu Instructor. Some of us just want to learn the moves to defend ourselves. Our network of certified instructors is constantly expanding across the United States and the world, and we are adding more to this list every day! If you want to learn the Jane Jitsu moves, contact one of our certified instructors today. 

Please Note: There are instructors who are valid and do teach Jane Jitsu that have opted not to be listed here. If you need to check on the validity of an instructor's certification at any time, please contact us.

Note to Instructors: Are you an instructor with us, but you don't see your name on this list? Fill out the form HERE and we will be happy to add you.


Sonia Bhandari

Phone: +254 73 4525555

Email: connect2innerpower@gmail.com

United States of America


Perpetual Fitness & Personal Defense Training


Contact: Mark & Debbie Passmore

Phone: (907) 982-5778

Email: perpetualfit@gmail.com


Eyes And Ears Open

Contact: Linda Carson

Phone: 602-690-3355

Email: linda@eyesandearsopen.com


Play It Safe Defense Inc.

Contact: Tracie Arlington

Email: Tracie@Playitsafedefense.com

Santa Fe Christian School

Contact: Gail Malone

Phone: (760) 908-6733

Email: malone@sfcs.net


Altus Training Center

Contact: Ian Andrews

Email: rapidtraining@gmail.com

Firestone Police Department

Contact: Michelle Powers

Email: mpowers@firestoneco.gov

Jennifer Arguelles

Email: Jenargl@msn.com


Chris Anderheggen

Email: chrisa006@yahoo.com

Andrew Hopkinson

Email: andrew@personaldefensivetactics.com


Contact: Dennis Golden

Email: golden001@comcast.net

Real World Krav Maga

Contact: Tricia Coppola & Gary Marks

Email: tricia0525@sbcglobal.netgary.marks@att.net


Kelley Stoner

Email: windward820@gmail.com



Contact: Kelli Carroll

Phone: (770) 355-2308

Email: kellicarroll9@gmail.com

Safe Alone, Inc.

Contact: Liesl Slocumb

Phone: (478) 318-2100

Email: bahki21@aol.com


MBD Martial Arts Academy


Contact: Michelle DeLaRosa

Phone: (847) 297-2788

Email: mbdmartialarts@comcast.net


Fearless and Female

Contact: Cindy Coughenour

Email: cindy@fearlessandfemale.com


Jillian Diauto

Email: jediauto@gmail.com

Val Bekker

Email: bekker.v@gmail.com


Casey Rich

Email: caseylynne7718@hotmail.com

Defense in Heels

Contact: Patti Stewart

Email: patti@vegasdamsel.com

University of Nevada Las Vegas Police Department

Contact: L. Denise Lutey

Email: denise.lutey@unlv.edu

University of Nevada, Reno

Contact: Eric James

Email: ejames@unr.edu

New Jersey

Feel Alive In Your Body

Contact: Amy Warshawsky

Phone: (201) 320-0798

Email: amy@feelaliveinyourbody.com

James Fulton

Email: fultonjames@hotmail.com

KRU Training


Contact: Ace Ramirez

Phone: (201) 784-2411

Email: kruaceramirez@gmail.com

New Mexico

NMSU Police Department

Contacts: Amanda Bowen, Jarrod Colliver, Nelson McGuire, Sakarias Ottersland, Michelle Vasquez, Ryan Beck

Phone: (575) 646-3311

Email: amfranci@nmsu.edu

New York

Fearless Fighting Females

Contact: Evon Reyes

Email: fearlessff.info@gmail.com

Fitness The Wright Way L.L.C.

Contact: Leo Wright

Email: Kickhopping@gmail.com

Jason Karol

Email: JKarol@eastchester.k12.ny.us

Marion Gimbel

Email: mgredmex@yahoo.com

Onna Ryu Combatives

Contact: Mike Lopez

Email: Mlopez128@aol.com

Syracuse Self Defense


Contact: June Worden

Phone: (315) 420-0143

Email: wordenjune@gmail.com

North Carolina

Folkvar Consulting and Training

Contact: Brandi Rich and David Rich

Email: info@folkvar.com


Diversified Training Assosciates

Contact: Brian Vandersall

Email: bvandersall@neo.rr.com

Fidelis Global Group


Contact: Luis Ramirez

Phone: (800) 310-7346 ext. 1

Email: contact@fidelisglobalgroup.com


Alma Qualli

Email: almaqualli@yahoo.com

Body and Mind Self Defense, LLC

Contact: Gwyn Nickens

Email: gwynnickens@hotmail.com

Main Line United Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Contact: Paul Jaxon Miller

Phone: (215) 850-1807

Email: mainlineunited@gmail.com

Red Eagle Healing & Martial Arts

Contact: Raya Pereira

Email: redeagleacademy@yahoo.com

Tsunami Self Defense Academy


Contact: Robert Thomas

Phone: (570) 357-8195

Email: 570dojo@gmail.com


Iron And Lace Self Defense

Contact: Mea Myers

Email: ironandlacedefense@gmail.com

Pink Diamond Defense

Contact: David Kirk and Michelle Kirk

Email: michelle@pinkdiamonddefense.com


Escape Self Defense

Contact: Rob Erickson

Email: surferrob6551@sbcglobal.net


Andrea Surface

Email: andisurface@gmail.com

Stacia Kelly

Email: staciakelly@gmail.com

West Virginia

Carol Ann Williams

Email: cwdefense@gmail.com


Guardian Safety & Security Solutions

Contact: Curtis La Haise

Email: curtlahaise@charter.net

Are you an instructor with us, but you don't see your name on this list? Contact us HERE and we will be happy to add you. Be sure to include what information you would like included.