Why We Are The Future Of Women's Self-Defense

If you haven’t watched the video on our home page, here it is below. It is self-explanatory. We are the future of women’s self-defense. We teach women how to fight like women not men. Our techniques are able to be successfully executed by women of all ages and walks of life, and they are able to learn them fast. Hear from our own instructors why they believe our method is the best for teaching women no matter their experience to defend themselves.

If you haven’t renewed your certification with us, or if you are thinking about becoming an instructor, we have just added classes to our fall schedule! Right now we have an instructor Core Certification scheduled for September 28 to September 29, 2019 in New York, and again in San Diego from November 9 to November 10, 2019. If you need to be re-certified or want to become an instructor and live near either of these areas, sign up fast before the slots are gone! Keep looking out for more dates and in different locations because we will be adding them soon!

Amanda Porteus