Steve Undergoes & Is Recovering From Shoulder Surgery

The road to recovery is different for everyone, and at Jane Jitsu, we value each person that has chosen to be a part of our community, so we decided it was time to disclose. Our founder, Steve Kardian, after long deliberation, decided that for his future health, it was time for him to undergo much-needed shoulder surgery.

He is doing totally fine, and recovering faster than expected!

We will be offering a whole slew of content while Steve is in recovery mode, and we will also be setting up instructor certification courses coming this fall, so please keep a look-out for more updates about those course dates and locations in the coming months!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank every one of you for your concern, your calls, your emails, and your messages. Without you, Jane Jitsu would not exist, and thousands of women would not be able to learn how to defend themselves!

Amanda Porteus