Jane Jitsu to Add Top Rated Safety Device to its Instructor Program!

Jane Jitsu founder, Steve Kardian, discovered the D.A.D. 2 (Defense Alert Device) while researching his acclaimed book, The New Super Power For Women (Simon & Schuster). After investigating his book and news segments for Inside Edition and NBC, he concluded that the D.A.D. 2 was the only GPS device that provided an immediate response to a threat while the other devices relied on notification to a secondary source or a noise response. Citing the following, Steve decided hands down that the D.A.D. 2 was the device he wanted his instructors to rely on as another layer of safety for their students. Some of the reasons Steve likes the D.A.D. 2 so much are:

  • The D.A.D. 2 sends "I'm in danger" alerts.
  • It's STEALTH.
  • It's there when you need it most and securely wraps in your hand.
  • The D.A.D. 2 has proven to have superior technology.
  • It provides peace of mind.