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In a world rocked by countless sexual assault and harassment allegations, there has been an uptick in the search for an effective means of dealing with what has been a constant predicament for women for ages. Sexual harassment and assault is a reality of being a woman. It is a continuous threat that hangs over us like a dark cloud. It follows us no matter where we go. Here's the good part: women are no longer tolerating this behavior. We are finding our voices, and we are using them.

One of the first things you learn when you walk into any self-defense class is to use your voice. Be loud, be outspoken, and put your hand in front of you and say "NO". It's effective for some predators, but a lot of them are not deterred by a firm voice and a hand held up in front of them. In fact, it can spur some of them on to shut you up. The rest of the experiences I've had seem to have been a very long and arduous path fraught with dojos and kickboxing instructors, insisting that learning to defend yourself is "an investment" and "it takes a long time". This is where Jane Jitsu comes in. 

Jane Jitsu is different. Women don't want to spend forever learning how to defend themselves, which just reinforces those feelings of weakness or helplessness that every woman has had when dealing with an aggressor. With Jane Jitsu, you can be up and running knowing how to defend yourself in two days or less. For me, personally, this was huge. After going to those dojos and those krav maga instructors insisting it's a time commitment and an investment, I felt defeated.

When I walked into the first Jane Jitsu class, I was walking in after years of searching and finding no answers to the question of how I would defend myself. Jane Jitsu uses techniques that teach a woman how to defend herself using her own natural strengths. For women, that's in our legs. We don't have any upper body strength compared to men. It's just a fact. Learning that I can use my legs to defend myself and how to do that was powerful. Jane Jitsu is more than a bunch of techniques strung together to teach you and help you teach others how to deal with the predators in our world. It is a movement. I invite everyone, men, women, girls, and boys to join the movement and learn the Jane Jitsu moves. They are empowering. They are life-changing.

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